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High Times Run'n the Roost*** UD MH WCX (Rooster)

Golden Retriever Stud

9/13/94 to 7/27/10

Sire of 36 Master Hunters and counting!
Died from a stroke.  Some frozen semen available.

To date, Rooster has 80 titled offspring:
36 Master Hunters
6 Open All-Age Qualified
13 MACH's
18 UD's
3 Champion Trackers

Rooster  Rooster's Pedigree and Genetic Information

From the very beginning Rooster has been my dog. I delivered him and he picked me at 3 weeks of age. From then on, every time he heard my voice his little head would pop up and listen. We had a bond from the start. From 12 weeks old he has slept on a rug next to my side of the bed. His toilet habits were complete at this age and was trusted all night long. His name 'Rooster' was a natural choice as he would wake us very early in the morning to go out. Smart and easy to work with, Rooster has been one of those guys that rises to the occasion.

Special moments like winning the Field Dog Class at the 97 National Specialty; entering 1 Licensed Derby and earning a JAM; entering 1 Licensed Qualifying and winning it; winning 1st place in Open Obedience at the National Specialty in Delaware; starting Utility with a win, ending it with a win, and getting his UD in six shows makes me know that Rooster knows when it's important to do his best.

Rooster had over 50 Master Passes and  qualified for the Master National every year since 1997. Rooster was an outstanding sire with offspring earning 4 OTCH, 13 MACH, 18 UD, 6 Open Qualified All-Age, Derby points and 36 Master Hunter titles. His best qualities were his marking and problem solving abilities. It was wonderful to watch him think through a difficult situation. Even better,  is throwing pups that are better than himself, with wonderful, biddable, and very bonding personalities and he has done this with more than one or two females.

Because of this we feel confident that we will have some wonderful years ahead of us training and running Golden Retrievers. As a side note, Rooster ran only one Open Stake field trial and finished it, picking up all birds, with a handle on the last bird in the last series.

This is how "rooster always
went to line.  A Little bit naughty!
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Contact us at 815-210-4837 or at johnandnancyminer@yahoo.com
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